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Welcome Message from Kelley Hodge

My name is Kelley Hodge, and I am your Safe Schools Advocate. My number one priority is to ensure that if you are a victim of school violence, you get the help that you need. If, while you are at school or on your way to school, you have been bullied, harassed, assaulted or threatened, I want to know.

As your advocate, there are many things I can do to help you. Beyond providing information on available victims' support services , I can – when requested by you – represent you at disciplinary hearings. As a victim of school violence, you have rights and the Office of Safe Schools Advocate (OSSA) is here to protect them.

OSSA is located in the School District Educational Center (Suite #1198) and the hours are 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. (If you leave a voicemail message after these hours or on the weekend, it will be returned the next business day.) The hotline number is 1-877-730-6315.

Please know that I am honored to have the opportunity to be entrusted with helping you. My staff and I stand ready to assist. We look forward to helping to promote a learning environment where students and staff are safe.

--- Kelley B. Hodge, Esq. - Biography


OSSA Announcements

April Highlights

April Focuses on Youth Violence Prevention

For years the CDC has been tracking youth violence just like any other disease, here are some of the latest figures.

Here are some general guidelines to help keep your children safe.

Today’s youth experience violence through so many venues – some no farther than their own homes. To draw attention to preventing child abuse, Pennsylvania’s Family Support Alliance has a number of events, starting the month with a legislative breakfast in Harrisburg.

More Specifically April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month

We’ll need to talk about it in order to do something about it. This year’s campaign focuses on healthy relationships and sexuality among young people.

Review these publications to get some ideas on how you can help change the future and make it a better world for our young people.

An Overview of Health Sexual Development  -  En Español

Becoming an Agent of Social Change - En Español

If you want help, or want to be of help closer to home please contact WOAR – Philadelphia’s only Rape Crises Center.

April is also Child Abuse Awareness Month

For additional information go to National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

For local help or how to report Child Abuse in PA contact Childline at 800-932-0313 and Philadelphia's Department of Human Services at 215-683-6100.
Or go to
How Do I Report Child Abuse/Neglect.